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Vibrant, Versatile, and Eco-Friendly

Vibrant & Versatile

Eco-Friendly, Kid-Safe Tables

Ideal for children aged 18 months to 7 years, our Confetti Tables are both lightweight and sturdy, crafted from eco-friendly materials. These colorful tables enhance any space, perfect for creative indoor and outdoor play.

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Sleek & Safe

Over The Moon Table

The Over the Moon Table, perfect for children's spaces, combines safety with style. Lightweight, with curved corners for safety, and made from recycled plastic, it's ideal for creative play and matches beautifully with our Roly Chairs.

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Colorful Comfort

Kid-Friendly Confetti Chairs

Designed for safety and fun, our Confetti Chairs cater to kids 18 months to 7 years. They're robust yet light, made from non-toxic materials, and feature a vibrant confetti design for versatile use.

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    Roly Poly Upright Chairs

    Perfect Chairs for Active Little Ones


    Roly Poly Lounger Chairs

    Spacious and Stylish Chairs for Older Kids


    Boucle Roly Upright Chairs

    Glamorous and Comfortable Seating for Kids

  • Sunday Swirl Table

  • Sunday Swirl Stool

he Sunday Swirl Table is a charming and functional addition to any room. Its unique design and swirl pattern make it an eye-catching centerpiece, perfect for family gatherings or children's activities.

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Complementing the Sunday Swirl Table, these stools offer comfortable seating with a playful twist. Their swirl design not only adds a fun element but also ensures stability and durability for everyday use.

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Designed in Australia

Our commitment is to provide quality, ensuring your children's safety and comfort.

  • Safety Wrapped in Style

    At Cowrie & Conch, child safety is our design's heart, ensuring peace of mind in every piece.

  • Timeless Tunes of Quality

    Trust in our craftsmanship; every item reflects our commitment to enduring excellence.

  • Comfort in Every Curve

    We blend elegance with ease, ensuring every corner invites coziness for your child.

Rolling Wonders

Versatile Storage Solutions

Our Storage Collection features handy boxes with wheels for easy movement, doubling as seats. Ideal for storing toys, clothes, and more, they're available in two sizes and four colors, adding both function and style to any room.

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