Welcome to Cowrie & Conch

A place where we celebrate well designed furniture and homewares for your little ones.

The name Cowrie Shell – pronounced ‘Cowri’ means small shell and is deemed to be sacred.

It represents water, fertility and birth.

The Conch Shell – Is one of the most valued and rare shells around. It is known for its extremely hardened exterior and symbolises in many religions in ‘bringing good luck’ and ‘ensuring a positive experience’.

Cowrie and Conch has been my “passion project” for some time now it's been “watered, fertilised daily”.

Making furniture feels good! Thank you for being involved in my dream. X

Hello, I am Kylie.

This business was born out of my passion to go beyond my 9-5; as a software developer and business analyst I felt like I had lost the connection to my work and needed to pursue my creative side. 

When I had my daughter Luna I wanted to ‘curate’ a space for her that she could grow into and felt restricted by the offering made available. It was either cheap or flimsy, primary colours, seen before or bought from big box stores. 

Here at Cowrie and Conch I wanted to offer something that could stand the test of time, still look beautiful but more importantly could be introduced into your homes aesthetic without it being a clash of personalities.

Uniquely Creative Designs

Our Furniture comes from all over the world.  We source the truly unique and hard to come by items. 

Our Aim is to add ‘spunk’ and ‘creativity’ to your children’s spaces and really push the boundaries of children’s furniture. All Children have their own sense of style and personality which is why we love seeing our designs in their space.

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Designed in Australia

Our commitment is to provide quality, ensuring your children's safety and comfort.

  • Safety Wrapped in Style

    At Cowrie & Conch, child safety is our design's heart, ensuring peace of mind in every piece.

  • Timeless Tunes of Quality

    Trust in our craftsmanship; every item reflects our commitment to enduring excellence.

  • Comfort in Every Curve

    We blend elegance with ease, ensuring every corner invites coziness for your child.

Cowrie & Conch
Founded for Fun.

Connect, Care & Create

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